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for the 21st century:


Increase your Business Performance by 10% EVERY 90 Days

Grow your business faster than your competition with no more guesswork, wasted time and money - especially in uncertain and challenging economic times

Small and medium sized companies are having great difficulty in growing their top and bottom lines.

We help growth plans succeed

Many companies have had phenomenal growth over the past years, even in times of economic distress.


But the  world is changing fast, new technologies and competition are evolving in lightspeed. Pandemics and political fights require quick and diverse actions.


How does your Growth Strategy adapt?


To tackle these fast changes, we need the agility to learn from the best of the past and adapt to the opportunities of today and tomorrow.


“Agile Growth Mastery” is a strategic framework to help you adapt to change, build your future, turn opportunities into outcomes for you and your company. 


In this Masterclass we will discuss what drives growth TODAY and how to achieve it fast, using an agile approach.

Your long term growth depends on your short term results.

Agile Growth Mastery breaks growth theories, frameworks, and tools into concepts that are simple, practical, affordable, and fast to execute.

Results matter.


Agile Growth Mastery is a 3 Sprint (21 Days) digital training to help entrepreneurs find their growth path and lean against uncertainty.


Take it because Agile Growth Mastery is an essential skill at scale today in the era of startups, digitized tech revolution, uncertain pandemics anddpolitical fights, borderless business, online consumerism and social media.


The Agile Growth Mastery approach combines a deep basic research on how businesses succeed in the real world with decades of hands-on experience, results and best practices from senior executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and coaches of growth leaders.

  • Get Clarity and Direction fast

    Eliminate overwhelm and waste of time & money from growth strategies and actions. 

    Create Your “All You Need to Grow” Agile Growth Playbook in 3 weeks - A proven system that actually works to help you gain laser focus, make the right decision fast and with unshakable confidence and take powerful action everyday to build a magnetic business that can easily and sustainably scale up and thrive.

  • Learn how to turn uncertainty into opportunity

    Be an agile business master with faster decision making and better results. You will be a confident leader in running businesses that consistently achieve high performance and  speed to create outstanding profit & value. Let’s look at maybe fragile mindsets or assumptions, your missing elements or fast growth and how to make sure you take your business to the next level when executing your plan.

  • The best way to outperform and outlast your competition

    The old way of growing a business is broken, it doesn't create winning companies with long term competitive advantages. Agile Growth will provide powerful approaches to coping with change and uncertainty as well as transformative growth strategies and tactics. Find out what some leaders in business grew differently and how they have managed to succeed in rapidly changing times.

  • Create repeatable and reliable revenuestreams

    Having a system and framework at hand will ease your daily struggle to make the right decisions, what will work to grow yyour company and waht will be a waste of time, money and resources. The "All you need to Grow" Playbook will give you a guideline and unshakable confidence for game changing decisions, deals and results. Times will change, but your growth never will.

What Your Business Needs to Grow

Despite all these uncertainties we are still able to make so much progress and drive growth. It’s true that not all strategies can deliver. In fact, most of the strategies fail. However, there is a way to successfully navigate these uncertain times without missing a beat and losing market share. The answer is Agile Growth Planning: Using Agility to Make Better Decisions in Uncertain Times ".

Joseph W.

Serial Entrepreneur

The Masterclass to help you reach your vital growth goals...

Take a quick tour around the Agile Growth Mastery...

Sprint #1 "Define"

You will exactly know and map out what you want, where you´re headed and what or whom you need to make it happen.

  • Company Big Picture
  • SWOT Analysis and Key Assessments
  • Perfect Partner Profiling
  • Success Metrics & Measures

Sprint #2 "Design"

You will exactly know, where to grow and what to achieve. You will create and irresistible Ptich and Deal Design other can´t refuse.

  • Growth Scorecard and KPI´s
  • Key Value Driver  Roadmap
  • Profitable Pitch Script
  • Deal Design

Sprint #3 "Assign"

You will exactly specify, what to expect from partners and service providers and you will get a system to track and multiply success.

  • Clear Requirement  Documents
  • Collaboration and Service Delivery
  • Track & Report System
  • Multiply and Scale

3 x 7 Days

Active Sprints


Bonus Assessments


1o1 Coachings


Mastermind Group

Best growth strategy in town is finally here. What we show you in this Masterclass will help your business​ thrive - inevitably

Join the Agile Growth Masterclass Sprint #1 NOW and get started on your journey to growing your business fast and sustainable and no longer experiencing your biggest threat and problem.

Sprint #1 Start Date:

May 3rd 2021 at 8 pm CET

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Risk Free - 100% Success Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our course that we don´t offer a "Money Back Guarantee". We will do everything to make you a success story. We will introduce you to perfect business partners until we successfully find a match to achieve your growth goals fast.

Meet The Trainer

Christian Haack

Business Growth Strategist & Advisor


I help entrepreneurs to GROW, FUND or EXIT their business and create multiple "Ultimate Pay Days".

  • Amazon Bestseller Author "Building Digital Leaders"

  • World #1 Business Exit Angel & Agile Growth Master

  • ​Corporate Development & Acquisition Strategist

  • Creator of the Magnetic Business Framework and the Agile Business Growth Mastery

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